Ghost Man Advanced

Ghost Man Advanced

Ghost Man Advanced is a simple Flash game developed by Novel Games

Ghost Man Advanced is a simple Flash game developed by Novel Games. The game is actually a remake of the Pac-Man, a faithful rendition of the classic game we all know and love; the same rules, the same gameplay.

As in the original game, you will control a character, in this case called Ghost Man, as he eats all the food on his way, represented by yellow and red circles, and escapes the little monsters that chase him. You move Ghost Man with the keyboard arrows and have a total of three lives. When Ghost Man catches the big red circle, he becomes indestructible for a few seconds and can use this power to eat the monsters. If you manage to eat all the food in the maze, you will be taken to the next level, where more monsters and a more complicated maze awaits you. Mazes are randomly generated, that guarantees you're not going to play the same game twice.

The game doesn't offer a great deal of options, but from the gear button on the top of the screen you can choose to play in full screen mode and adjust the music and sound volume. Also, if you make a good score you can publish it in the site rankings or even share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.

Ghost Man Advanced has some lively graphics and animations, and a tune that goes very well with the game mood; but apart from that, it adds nothing new to the gameplay. You can download it for free or simply play it online from the developer's site.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Nice graphics and characters
  • You can share your score to Facebook and Twitter
  • Crossplatform


  • Requires a permanent internet connection
  • Adds nothing new to the original game
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